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From Other People’s Photographs (2008–2011)


by Joachim Schmid

Joachim Schmid (born in 1955) is an artist and photographic critic based in Berlin who is primarily known for his work focusing on vernacular photography. One of his most renowned works is the series titled Other People's Photographs (2008-2011), in which he self-published ninety-six books featuring photographs sourced from online platforms such as Flickr. 

Reminiscent of the works of the German artist duo Bernd & Hilla Becher who photographed disappearing industrial architecture around Europe and North America, these poor-image-typologies were arranged based on recurring patterns & structures, highlighting how the meaning of images can be transformed when detached from their original online contexts. 

We are pleased to publish this selection made by the artist.

Titles of images in the order of their appearance:

From Other People’s Photographs – Airline Meals (2010)
From Other People’s Photographs – Bread (2011)
From Other People’s Photographs – Coffee (2009)
From Other People’s Photographs – Currywurst (2009)
From Other People’s Photographs – Fish (2010)
From Other People’s Photographs – Food (2008)
From Other People’s Photographs – Happy Birthday (2009)
From Other People’s Photographs – Pizza (2010)

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