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When forms like the “MySpace angle” emerged

Interview with Brookly-based Canadian freelance writer, video game designer and podcaster merritt k about her new publication LAN Party


“Archives are all about decisions and whoever puts together an archive decides what is shown and what is forgotten. The archive is not a neutral space.” 

Interview with New York City-based artist Pacifico Silano

Pacifico Silano, born in 1986 in Brooklyn, NY is a conceptual artist specializing in lens-based practices.

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
“They’re often nostalgic images because that’s what they remind us of: the momentary reprieve from drudgery.”

Interview with writer, photographer, and blogger Matt Colquhoun

Their new book Narcissus in Bloom: An Alternative History of the Selfie was recently published on Repeater Books and presents an alternative interpretation of the selfie.

A constant state of flux between uses and misuses

Interview with Michal Simunek

Michal Simunek is a Czech academic specialising in media studies and sociology. His scholarly interests span various fields, including the theory and history of photography, media studies, visual culture, consumer culture, and ethnographic research methodologies.


Interview with visual anthropologist & critic András Bán

Hungarian Interview Series (with English subtitles)

András Bán (1951), visual anthropologist, teacher, art critic, has been publishing reviews and essays specifically on fine-art photography and contemporary art since 1973. From 1993, he taught visual anthropology at the Department of Cultural and Visual Anthropology, University of Miskolc, and was co-founder of the Private Photo and Film Archives’s research group.


“Navigating the complexities of working with images, especially those depicting other cultures, poses numerous challenges”

Interview with Austrian visual artist & publisher Lukas Birk, who recently visited Budapest as a guest lecturer for our event, 'Talks on Everyday Imaging.' Simultaneously, he launched a new platform, Vernacular Social Club, an association dedicated to promoting and disseminating vernacular documents. The club's founding members also include Jean-Marie Donat, Thomas Sauvin and Christophe Thiebaut.


A short note on wrist-spotting


The most interesting visual experience for me last year happened on the most surprising platform, and it has continued to captivate my imagination ever since, especially considering that the images themselves may not necessarily be interesting at first glance.


"We are living in the image world"
Interview with Andrew Dewdney,
co-founder of the Centre for the Study of the Networked Image

Andrew Dewdney, a research professor at London South Bank University, specialises in examining the paradoxes within contemporary visual culture through his extensive theoretical work. He is committed to developing systematic methods to unravel and comprehend these multifaceted complexities. His research primarily focuses on how computation has transformed the photographic image and how museum studies can aid in understanding the challenges related to heritages, collections, and archives in a born-digital world.


“We want to display the variability of Jewish identity” – Interview with the team behind J Photo Archive – Collectors & their collection vol. 2.

J Photo Archive is a platform committed to preserving the photographic heritage of Jewish history and culture in Hungary. Its primary goal is to curate a diverse collection of photographs, with the potential for expansion through new, submitted materials from various sources.


The archive is a place where truth meets fiction

Interview with Belgian-Spanish artist Masha Wysocka. Her latest project, also in the form of an artist’s book, Truth is Stranger than Fiction, will soon be exhibited at the Circulation(s) Festival 2024 in Paris. This project utilises two different archival holdings from the Blinken Open Society Archives in Budapest, Hungary.


Editor’s Letter – March & April, 2024

In this article, you'll find two editorials from our latest newsletters, which were sent out on April 2nd and March 4th, 2024. Moving forward, we will publish our monthly editor's letters, in which we always reflect on recent events, approximately two weeks after the newsletter is out.


“My flatmate has an average screen time of 14 hours, and she’s doing great.” – Interview with Zurich-based artist Gaia Del Santo

Gaia Del Santo’s artistic approach draws inspiration from the diverse and formative phenomena of the online world, consumerism, and social media cultures. Besides sculpture, textile, and video, she incorporates aesthetic and photographic elements of online platforms, internet trends, and memes into her analytical yet spirited multimedia compositions.


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