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Eidolon Club vol. 2 – The path of paper-based family photographs to Facebook

May 23, 2024, 18:00, Virág Benedek Ház, Budapest

For the second Eidolon Club event, we invite the admins and most active members of self-organised everyday photography enthusiast online groups and forums in Hungary to a public discussion combined with a photography screening. We would like to provide an opportunity to the communities of active Facebook groups with thousands of members, so that they can use their commitment to the genre not only in the online space, but also within the framework of personal interactions. Moreover, we would like to relive the tradition of looking at photographs together, which we might have experienced, perhaps many years ago, with the snapshots of relatives who had returned from a long desired vacation.

Eidolon believes that everyday photography is a visual heritage that is uniquely capable of showing hidden aspects of society, culture and history that cannot be accessed elsewhere, as well as previously unknown personal stories. Everyday photographs can help us to comprehensively understand the present of our communities, in its complexity.

A significant part of the paper-based photographs of the past are disappearing nowadays, we are in the last moments when collections, and photographs that are an important part of everyday culture, kept in family albums and elsewhere, and possibly condemned to be thrown away, can be saved and preserved. That's why we find it hugely important to get to know these voluntary groups that play a huge role in keeping the genre alive.

The discussion will be moderated by Róza Tekla Szilágyi, director of Eidolon, and will feature László Endre Hajnal, manager of the website regifotok.hu, as well as Gábor Schlagmüller, founder of several Hungarian vernacular photo-focused Facebook groups.

You can find the Facebook-event of the discussion here.

The cover image was taken at the Ethnographic Village Museum of Ócsa, Hungary.

About the Eidolon Club:

Eidolon Club’s freshly launched monthly event series explore everyday imaging’s diverse legacy. Our goal is to offer fresh perspectives and networking opportunities centred around the appreciation of vernacular imagery. Eidolon Club’s monthly event series invites our Budapest-based community to delve into new dimensions and challenge traditional perceptions of visual culture. Through curated programs, film screenings, workshops, talk events, and guided tours hosted at various venues, Eidolon Club provides a platform for enthusiasts, professionals, students, and curious individuals to come together and celebrate the most ubiquitous, ever-present, wide-ranging form of visual communication of the last two centuries.

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